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Sunray International

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Monday to Friday : 08:00-20:00
Weekend : closed

Year Established : 2006

SUNRAY INTERNATIONAL, established in 2006, is a large establishment having core capabilities of supplying Chemicals, Minerals, Engineering goods, Building materials, Agriculture Equipments, Organic Fertilizers, Agro & Its Processed Products etc.
SUNRAY INTERNATIONAL is leading Manufacture and government recognized Exporters and Domestic Supplier. Within a short span our company has established a reputation as a reliable international supplier of quality and vivid variety products.
We endeavored to provide the best quality material at the most reasonable prices. We wish to use our strengths to cater client requirements using our full potential. It has enabled us to establish a long term business relation with our prospective buyers.
We located in most progressive state (GUJARAT) of most progressive Asian country (INDIA), Indian market has always been the best market for many of the products. People all over the world have always looked upon this market for products where one gets value for money. Having a thorough knowledge of the Indian market is a must for those who basically supply Indian products to the whole world. SUNRAY INTERNATIONAL is a name that really does one and everything in the field of sourcing as well supplying the best of the Indian products to those who are interested in doing business with India.
In today is world of cut throat competition one has to look upon the basic things as how to satisfy the customer in the best possible way. Quality and Price are the two basic aspects that attract a customer. Once things are settled with these aspects then come as to how quickly the order is executed. We always stand by with our commitments. Thus the focus of the company is totally to provide the best of the services and wide variety of products in the Global & Domestic market.

Tags :   Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC)   Sodium Carboxymethyl Starch (CMS)   Carboxymethyl Tamarind Kernel Powder (CMT/CMTKP)   Monochloroacetic Acid (MCA)   Sodium Monochloro Acetate (SMCA)   Guar Gum Powder   Dolomite   Soapstone   Hydrated Lime   Marble Powder   Chalk Powder   Calcium Carbonate   Cotton Cake   Groundnut Meal   Castor Cake   Castor De Oiled Cake (Castor Meal)   Neem Cake   Neem De Oiled Cake   Castor Oil Cold Press (Virgin)   Neem Oil Cold Press (Virgin)   Water Pump   Insecticide Sprayer   Ceramic Tiles And Sanitary Wares Etc  
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