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Sivanthi Public School

139 Reviews
Monday to Friday : 08:00-17:00
Weekend : closed

Year Established : 2005

Sivanthi Matriculation School started in 2005 at Chennai, and now it is one of the best CBSE school near kundrathur, Porur and pammal Chennai which providing the warm and safe education environment for the young students.

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  • Excellent


  • Nila

    Sun, Feb 25 08:42 PM

    Sivanthi Public School has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The dedication of the staff, the supportive community, and the excellent facilities make it a top choice for any parent seeking quality education for their child in Kundrathur.

  • Aniteja Surpur

    Sun, Jan 21 05:01 PM

    The school is known for providing a safe and inclusive environment where every student feels welcome and valued.

  • Vajrapani Naini

    Mon, Jan 08 06:49 AM

    Sivanthi Public School instills strong values in its students, emphasizing qualities such as integrity, discipline, and compassion.

  • Vishnudas J.

    Mon, Dec 18 06:40 PM

    The school invests in leadership development programs, empowering students to become confident and responsible leaders.

  • Jeyanana V.

    Mon, Dec 18 06:10 PM

    Sivanthi Public School stands out as the best school near Kundrathur, offering a nurturing environment for students to thrive.

  • Harshathan

    Fri, Dec 15 05:52 PM

    The school offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, and cultural events. These activities contribute to the overall development of students' talents and interests.

  • Vaibhav

    Mon, Dec 04 07:41 PM 99****365

    Well-structured and meticulously organized CBSE schools in Kundrathur. Commendable efforts from all teachers. My sincere gratitude to the teachers, coordinator, and principal.

  • Vibul

    Sun, Dec 03 05:49 PM

    I would like to express my appreciation to Sivanthi Public School for its outstanding academic program and nurturing environment. The committed faculty and the array of opportunities for student development have significantly enriched the educational journey of the students at the academy. Thank you for fostering a positive and enriching educational experience.

  • Mahmud Shurpali

    Mon, Nov 20 06:48 AM

    As a parent, I am impressed with the school's commitment to providing quality education. The management is proactive in addressing concerns and providing personalized attention to each student. The regular parent-teacher interactions and progress reports keep me informed of my child's academic progress.

  • Rituraj Poojan Trikha

    Tue, Oct 31 04:40 AM

    Sivanthi Matriculation School in Kundrathur is one of the top schools in the city. It is known for its high standard of education, strict discipline and excellent facilities. The teachers are highly qualified and experienced. The curriculum is updated regularly to ensure that students get the best education possible. The school also provides various extracurricular activities such as sports, music classes, art classes and a variety of clubs. The infrastructure of the school is also quite impressive with spacious classrooms, laboratories and play areas. Overall, Sivanthi Matriculation School in Kundrathur is one of the best schools in the city and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good school.

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