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Sivanthi Public School

64 Reviews
Monday to Friday : 08:00-17:00
Weekend : closed

Year Established : 2005

Sivanthi Matriculation School started in 2005 at Chennai, and now it is one of the best CBSE school near kundrathur, Porur and pammal Chennai which providing the warm and safe education environment for the young students.

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  • Excellent


  • Drupad Vedavyasa

    Fri, May 13 11:06 AM

    Sivanthi CBSE School class of 9. The years I spent there were really amazing, and seem to get more so with each passing year. If you are a motivated student, there is no limit to what you can achieve here. A middle of the road student can get a great education - middle of the road for Sivanthi is pretty much at the top of the class for most the schools. If you can get in, take advantage of it.

  • Thakur Radheshyam

    Thu, May 05 12:18 PM

    Good school with all amenities and infra structure with smart classes and digitized learning. Teachers are kind and management supports in all aspects.

  • Prakat Chetana

    Sat, Apr 30 07:58 AM

    The best school with awesome teachers I have ever been. Sivanthi family taught me independence as well as respect to all of my friends I have met throughout two years. I am really thankful for every single teacher, administrative community, and my family giving me an opportunity to expand my surrounding @ Sivanthi matriculation School.

  • Magan Chandrasekharan

    Mon, Apr 25 08:23 AM

    Very nice school with great teachers and has many extra curricular activities. Thanks to Sivanthi CBSE school in Kundrathur!!

  • Farhat Sriramesh

    Mon, Apr 18 04:21 AM

    Great school! Sivanthi CBSE school out the best in every child I am very happy with the school. My child loves it Fantastic teachers! My daughter has learnt a lot. Special thanks for all the teachers. She really flourished under their guidance.

  • Ravinandan Bharat Haryadi

    Sat, Apr 16 11:49 AM

    A very good school that teaches students to think for themselves. Thank you very much Sivanthi CBSE school in Kundrathur for equiping me with a first class education, I hope I have used it to help others.

  • Bhavani

    Mon, Apr 11 11:47 AM

    Sivanthi matriculation school near kundrathur is an outstanding school, and it does to empower its students and strengthen its teachers. It is a place where children learn enough worthwhile things to make a healthy start in life, where a framework is laid that supports later learning, and children develop the desire to learn more.

  • Vetrivel

    Sat, Mar 19 10:13 PM

    Good CBSE school in Kundrathur probably the best in this area. They have their own way of teaching knowledge. They're only one institution that I know which doesn't make students feel stressed.

  • Sudama Raghavendran

    Mon, Mar 14 04:36 AM

    Excellent school no about that. But have to encourage students to participate in sports or co- curricular activities. They make studies as their first and only priority. Join here if you think education alone is enough. I would guarantee that this school has well experienced and professional staffs in Kundrathur!!

  • Matriculation schools around porur

    Wed, Mar 02 03:02 AM

    Hi I am proudly to say my both sons are studying here. Sivanthi matriculation schools around porur its really wonderful of school campus, education, sports and specially for teachers guide it's everything super .

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