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  • Themed Restaurants in Mumbai

    Leisure : Restaurants
Bored of having your lunch at the same old restaurants? Want to experience a jungle safari or an international ambience? Your prayers are answered. Have a look at the list of the following themed restaurants in Mumbai and you will be amazed for sure.

1. Village Restaurant
Theme: Indian Village

Villages, the heart of India are beautifully demonstrated in this 10,000 square feet Village Restaurant in Mumbai. You exactly feel that you are walking in a traditional Rajasthani/ Gujrati/Maharashtrian village once you step inside. You are definitely reminded of your soil and undoubtedly mesmerized by what the restaurant has to offer. You can enjoy as many varieties as possible once you pay the one- time entry fee. The restaurant owners also boast of the cooks that have been assembled from the natives and also the ingredients imported from different states. The result is if you are a Marwari, you end up having the feel of eating food in a Rajasthani village. An individual experiences peace from the hustle- bustle world once he steps into the village ambience.

2. Pratap's Wild Dining
Theme: Jungle / Forest

If you love wild safaris and you have always been fascinated by jungles, Pratap's Wild Dining is the place for you. Kids undoubtedly love the place and you are surely reminded of your childhood Mogli fantasies. The service is up to the mark thus enhancing your jungle experience. Next time you want to feel sitting in the forests, in the lap of nature do not think twice; just go ahead and grab a meal at Pratap's. Do not expect a circus show here.

3. Hard Rock Cafe
Theme: Rock Music

If rock music is your cup of tea and you are a foodie too, Hard Rock Cafe is where you belong. The California based international chain opened its outlet in Mumbai and since then there is no looking back. Fans are promised to be entertained with live music on two stages that can also be used for live performances. Go ahead and experience the wild western feel without boarding a flight to your favorite international destination.

4. Dara's Dhaba
Theme: Punjabi Dhaba

Admit it or not, we all carve for Punjabi food and having Punjabi food in a dhaba is a blessing in disguise. You surely love Dhaba food but you need a better ambience. Dara's Dhaba gives you an air- conditioned and hygienic dhaba ambience alongside great services. You do not have to drive to highways, far from your city because the delicious Dhaba experience is in your own city- Mumbai.

5. Nawabganj Safari
Theme: Tropical rain Forest

Experiencing a tropical rain forest along with filling your empty stomach is now possible if you visit Nawabganj Safari restaurant in Mumbai. The sound of chirping birds, cascading waterfalls, the sultry python and the feeling of mist; all are available under one roof. Following the Maharaja ritual of having a grand feast in the jungles, Nawabganj safari promises you an eighteenth- nineteenth century experience for sure.

6. 21 Fahrenheit
Theme: Ice Lounge

You love ice and the experience of having a cup of tea in the ice. 21 Fahrenheit offers you not just tea but a long menu to choose from. All year around the temperature is fixed at -6 degree centigrade or 21 Fahrenheit and all you do is look at the ice pillars, the ice seating, the ice artifacts and also an ice bar. Now you can experience the chill anytime you want; no need to go to a hill station.

7. The Jail
Theme: Jail

You surely don't want to end up in jail but you can experience a sober meal at a restaurant themed as a Jail. As you enter, you witness a man clad as a police inspector leads you to a room filled with waiters dressed as prisoners. You are amazed when you find the water being served in steel glasses and plates and napkins having black and white stripes.

8. Firangi Paani
Theme: English Pub

If you wish to experience an A class ambience along with great food and cocktails with a DJ playing the latest hits in your background, you need to experience Firangi Paani once. you might run across a celebrity here because Firangi Paani is one of their favorite hangouts.

9. Khau Galli
Theme: Indian Street Food

If you want to experience the famous Indian chats without burning a hole into your pocket, Khau Galli is your paradise. All kinds of chats, Vada Pav, Pani Puri, Bhel Muri and the like are available and that too in hygienic conditions. South Indian food, ice-creams and juices are also available here.

10. Diva Maharashtracha
Theme: Maharashtrian Food

Born to unfold the goodness of unheard and unexplored Maharashtrian food, Diva Maharashtra promises the visitors a royal Maharashtrain cuisine. Alongside lip smacking food, diva Mahrashtracha is known for unfolding the rich legacy, culture, cuisine and customs of Maharashtra.
29 Oct 2012