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  • Best Android Based Business Apps

    Technology : Mobile
India is the price sensitive market and due to this, Android based Business Apps are much more popular than the high- end apple apps. Today, Technology has surpassed all the expectations of mankind and Business Apps, mainly Android based Business Apps in India are today used by one and all. Following is the list of Best Android based Business Apps:

1. Dropbox: Dropbox helps in editing one's files in the cellphone/Mobile itself and it also facilitates uploading photos and videos. The items in the app can be easily shared with anyone on the contact list.

2. Twitter: Twitter app can be used by anyone; even those who haven't signed up for the site. Twitter is the best app which keeps updated not only about their friends, but also with the latest tweets by their favorite celebrities and eminent personalities by following them. Twitter is also the best social networking site to market yourself and your thoughts. With the help of the Twitter app, all this is just a button away.

3. YouTube: The most popular video site in the world, YouTube comes preloaded in almost every Android phone. It is now easy with the help of the app to share videos to social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and send videos to family and friends through mail delivery system. Using You Tube on a cellphone is much more convenient than using it in a browser window.

4. Linkedin: Linkedin is an app that is most popular among the professionals. It helps in connecting with the professionals all around the globe in your contact list. The app also helps in syncing one's calendar to avail the Linkedin profile information about the people one is going to meet with.

5. Google Maps: You do not have to carry a paper map to reach a destination when Google Maps are installed on your phone. This app provides detailed maps with 3D buildings, local search and business review, live traffic information and voice guided turn by turn GPS navigation.

6. Moneycontrol: Moneycontrol android app is installed to know about the Indian and global share markets through your cell phone. Apart from getting real time stock quotes, moneycontrol helps in managing and keeping perfect track of your share investment portfolio, and also get in- depth coverage of the financial markets. is trusted by millions as the best financial and business portal.

7. Remote Web desktop: Remote web desktop helps in managing and controlling the android device through the computer web browser over any WiFi/4G/3G/2G/USB connection. Remote Web Desktop helps you to use your phone comfortably with keyboard and mouse thus including wireless files and folder transfer, webcam, contact manager, APK installer etc.

8. File Manager: The File Manager app can explore the computers and cellphones. Android users anywhere on the planet can see all their files in a single device and access and share them from anywhere. File manager provides list and grid view for file browsing, a multiple resolution support and also supports both local and remote file system. File Manager App currently supports 24 languages worldwide and comes with a kill task and ignore list features. You can easily put the features in the ignore list which you do not wish to kill. File manager has nearly 80 million downloads worldwide.

9. Exchange for Android 2.x: The Android 2.x version of touchdown is for all the android applications running 2.0 and above. Android 2.x supports exchange activesync policies, keeps your personal data separate from your corporate data, sends and receives S/MIME signed and encrypted mails, and also integrates with the mobile device management solutions available in the markets.

10. Entrepreneur Mobile: Entrepreneur mobile app gives the latest news, advice, insights of all the leading entrepreneurs of the world ensuring that you never miss even a little bit of happenings around the entrepreneur world. Whenever you have a bright idea and you want any marketing or financial advice, entrepreneur mobile will always provide you the right way.
29 Oct 2012