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  • Home Energy-Saving Tips

    General : Electrical Equipments
It has been rightly said "Save energy, save money, save planet". In today's world we cannot think about a life without the use of electricity. We cannot live without air- conditioners, laptops, cellphones; we need an elevator to climb one floor in an Apartment. We are lucky enough to have all these facilities at our doorstep. But we should respect the fact that we are blessed by saving as much energy as possible. Saving energy is not rocket science just remaining attentive is what is required. If we do not take care of the energy resources that are available to us, a day will arrive when it the world will be devoid of all the energy. The following simple ten steps can tremendously help in saving energy at our home to a large extent.

1. Switch off lights:
Switching off lights and fans is the easiest way to save energy at home. it is also essential to turn off switches which unnecessarily remain turned on even when the cellphone is not connected to the charger.

2. Replace ordinary incandescent lamps:
Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) should be used instead of the ordinary incandescent lamps because of their energy efficiency. As a matter of fact, using energy saving electronics should be kept in mind by everyone because not only will they help in saving energy but also in cutting the cost in electricity bills.

3. Open the curtains and use the sunlight:
People mostly in cities close all the windows, doors and curtains thereby curbing the natural sunlight. The result is that they waste unnecessary electricity by using one or more tube lights to brighten the room. It is essential for everyone to open the doors and windows and enjoy the natural light provided by the sun.

4. Best utilize energy in kitchen:
All the family members should develop the habit of eating together on the dining table so that all the food is heated only once thus saving gas. Drying the dishes in natural light, taking all the items out of the fridge at once, bringing the burner knob into a simmer mode are habits which will save the energy to a large extent.

5. Hang the clothes outside:
Plan washing your clothes the day sun shines brightly. As a result you can avoid using dryer to dry the clothes. Sunlight is best for drying the clothes and you do not get the damply smell that is prominent in clothes that are dried with the help of a dryer.

6. Alternative energy:
Biomass power releases less CO2 and thus it is more energy- efficient than the burning of natural fossils such as coal, oil and gas.

7. Plant trees and shrubs:
Planting trees at your home is essential because we all are aware of the fact that trees breathe in the carbon dioxide gas as a result of which the temperature comes down. When the atmosphere of your home will be cool you might use a fan instead of an air- conditioner. Moreover, planting deciduous trees helps in blocking the sunrays as a result providing a cooler atmosphere at your home. When these trees shed their leaves around winters, sun light will enter in to your home thus providing warmth when needed.

8. Common area lighting:
It is recommended to use solar energy devices in common area lightning purposes to save energy. Automating the lightning system will further help in saving energy.

9. Close vents and the door of the unused room:
It is essential to keep in mind that we should always close all the open doors and vents in the unused rooms so that the air- conditioners and the heaters in our rooms do not have to work hard in executing their work.

10. Read the Energy Guide label before buying:
Whenever you go shopping for your electronic items be it as small item as a tube light or larger items such as a fridge, an air- conditioner or a washing machine, it is essential to read the energy guide label which comes with all these products. For example if you buy an air conditioner or a fridge with 4 stars or 5 stars, that product will help in saving electricity and cutting the cost of your electricity bill.
29 Oct 2012