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  • 10 Hotly Anticipated Cars for 2013

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Are you a car lover? Do you always keep yourself updated with the upcoming models in the market? Look no further. Following is the list of the most anticipated cars about to hit the Indian roads in the first half of 2013.
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1. Tata Nano (Diesel)
Price: Rs. 2-2.5 Lakhs

Tata Nano is considered as Ratan Tata's greatest achievement by far because today even a common man can dream of owning a car. Though much hype has been created around this affordable car but success similar to the hype has not been witnessed by the sales charts. This diesel variant of Tata Nano was expected to launch by end 2012 but now the company has announced a Jan-March 2013 launch. A fuel efficiency of 40 kmpl has been announced as opposed to the original fuel efficiency of 28 kmpl of the earlier Nano versions. The car is also said to be assimilated with 0.8 liter two cylinder engines with a displacement of 800cc's.

2. Chevrolet Electric Vehicle
Price: Rs. 3.5-5 Lakhs

The rumors suggested that Chevrolet was about to launch Electric Spark in Early 2013 but because the deal between Reva and General Motors got void, the plan got dumped. But Chevrolet lovers are not left disappointed. The company has announced the launch of a new electric vehicle though not under the brand name Spark which is expected to hit the markets by late 2013. The Chevrolet Electric vehicle will be undoubtedly cheap than the other petrol and diesel cars available in the markets.

3. Mitsubishi Mirage
Price: Rs. 3-5 Lakhs

Built in Thailand and to be rolled out eventually in Europe, Australia and other regions, Mitsubishi Mirage debuted on 1st August 2012 in Japan. Mirage is said to possess a 67 horsepower 1.0- liter three cylinder engine and the engine is said to be linked to a variable automatic transmission. What is noticeable is that Mirage is equipped with a brake -energy recovery system and a stop- start system. With promising fuel saving technologies, Mirage is said to have eye capturing color palettes including colors such as Cassis Purple Metallic, Yellow Metallic and Pop Green Metallic. India is expecting the launch of the beauty in January- March 2013. India is expecting only a manual transmission for the car while the car is being offered internationally with a CVT.

4. Honda CR-V
Price: Rs. 20- 30 Lakhs

Honda once again does what it excels in; creating a model completely different from its predecessor. Honda CR-V is completely different from its previous flagship model. Expected to maintain its lead in the petrol SUV segment in the Indian market, Honda CR- V is said to be available with 153 bph and 192Nm powering both the 2WD and AWD petrol variants with manual and automatic gear boxes. Honda CR- V will be available with a petrol engine and a diesel model is not expected to be launched in India because of the cost disadvantages the company has to face. Honda CR- V is expected to launch in early 2013 across the Indian markets with the same DTEC engine that powers the Accord.

5. Ford Ecosport
Price: Rs. 7-9 Lakhs

Revealed at the Beijing Auto show, Ford Ecosport is expected to be launched in February 2013 in India from Ford's Chennai based plant. Powered with a 1 liter, 3 Cylinder EcoBoost Petrol engine, Ecosport will be built at only three facilities in the entire world, one of them being India. As a result, the company has estimated the employment of 1200 new people for the project. A diesel variant is also expected to follow soon. The Ford Ecosport is said to have smart keyless entry, push button start, rear parking sensors, a cooled glove box, hill launched assist and a variety of other safety features. India is eagerly awaiting the launch of this SUV version.

6. Nissan small SUV
Price: Rs. 7-9 Lakhs

Nissan small SUV is said to be the first serious small SUV to be launched in India. Duster is what is being planned to be sold with a new face with a five person seating arrangement with a 1.5 l diesel engine. Petrol version of the small SUV has not been announced yet.

7. Fiat Panda
Price: Rs 8-10 Lakhs

Unveiled in the Frankfurt Motor Show 2012, Fiat Panda is expected to be launched in Jan- Mar 2013 in India. With a large air dam up front, this beauty comes with a sporty look and has a completely new revised shell and has a high position tail lamp cluster. Internationally, the twin air range engine is available but India expects to witness the four Cylinder 69bhp, 1.2 liter fire petrol unit. Additionally, a 75bhp 1.3 liter multi jet 2 turbo Diesel Unit is will also be available in India. With an accommodation capacity of 5 people, Panda has maximized its luggage capacity by offering a flexible seating arrangement. The top end version of Panda is said to facilitate the Blue and Me telephony system while the international models possess a SAT- NAV device alongside.

8. Ford New Endeavour
Price: Rs. 16-22 Lakhs

Known as the Everest in other Asian markets the new Ford Endeavour is said to hit the Indian roads in Mar 2013. With a sharper front end and minor changes in the rear, the new Ford Endeavour will offer more space inside and a highly efficient 2.2 liter diesel producing 150 PS of power and 375 Nm of Torque. A 3.2 liter Diesel is also expected with a 200 PS of power and a 480 Nm of Torque. The new Endeavour will have highly upgraded interiors with a third row seating adequate only for children.

9. Renault Laguna
Price: Rs. 18-25 Lakhs

A part of the D+ segment, Renault Laguna is the fifth car by the company to be launched in India. Laguna will have a front wheel drive with five doors and will be launched in both petrol and diesel models with 1.2 liter engine capacity. Both manual and automatic transmissions are expected in the Laguna as a result of which it will witness higher sales. Expected to be launched in Jan- March 2013, Laguna will have features like six air- bags, xenon headlamps to boot and an electronic stability control.

10. BMW 1- Series
Price: Rs. 18-28 Lakhs

BMW 1-Series is designed to offer both the options; day to day usability and racing car style agility. Contending in the premium small car market, the BMW 1-Series offers a host of variants that start with 116i powered by 1.6 liter petrol offering 136bhp. A variant also features 118i with a 170bhp motor which goes from 0-100 in 7.4 seconds. The BMW diesel version on the other hand also comes with the more powerful 2- liter engine which develops 184bph. The BMW 1- Series is expected to launch in early 2013.
29 Oct 2012